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New normal new opportunities. JBUYNOW sell our products wholesale to Sellers who purchase in bulk or dropshipping

Our team work tirelessly to give the best service and quote the best price for your interest



10 Reason for trading with JBUYNOW

  1. New OEM products straight from factory
  2. Professional team look after every process
  3. No hussel with sourcing and negotiating with supplier
  4. Inspect real product quality at our showroom
  5. Pictures and information ready to use for your sale posting
  6. Add flexibility to your business with great variety of products
  7. Easy, fast shipping and after sale service provided
  8. Cushion risks from fluctuation in exchange rate and raw material costs
  9. Preorder large quantity can customize your own branding on product
  10. Dropship no investment, quick and simple


5 Steps to register as Seller

  1. Fill in the registeration form
  2. Wait for our representative to contact you back
  3. Send in required document
  4. Get seller guide
  5. Start trading!



At JBUYNOW we set our prices for fairness and conduct ourselves with integrity for sustainable long-term relationships